Saturday, 9 February 2013

Imbolc Yarnbombing at Plank festival

Last Saturday was Imbolc, celebration of Brigit, goddess of spring and making,a festival of new beginnings. So what better time to brush off the snowy cobwebs and cover a village in crocus coloured crochet.

I'm so happy with my poms (half pompoms) I can't bear to throw away my scraps of wool and they look like tiny anemones growing out of the wool.

Bear had the brilliant idea of filling the pocket with sweeties, we also managed to limit ourselves to nicking one packet of parma violets.


I can't take credit for the last picture, a fantastic textile artist called Carol Parker turned Market Rasen into a yarn bomb Hiroshima, there were so many fuzzy stripes in that village I had a hard time finding where to home mine. You can see the rest of her pieces for plank here and what else is going on during the festival which continues until the 2nd of march here.

We had a wonderful day out and are planning more,  but now my patchwork has been set free I'm still working up rainbow and fluorescent granny squares, any ideas on what to make with them? I'm thinking a mini skirt.

Hugs and crochet


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks love, just had a nose at your stuff too, love the sin repair kits.x

  2. Awsome colours :)

  3. Thanks Nicola, I do love a good bit of rainbow, working on a miniskirt of the same style but trying to think up other excuses to use


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