Saturday, 11 May 2013

Portrait and figure work on the iPad

In an effort to learn new things I've been playing around on bears iPad. It's surprisingly fun, if a little frustrating, these are all drawn on paper 53, I tried art set but even though it gives you far more choice (especially with colouring, the watercolour brush on paper 53 is, quite bluntly, rubbish) it just doesn't suit me, I prefer making digital art that is very obviously digital media as opposed to something that badly imitates physical media. 

This is my friend Jess, she's a brilliant photographer, hairdresser model, I'm very lucky having lots of friends who are life models too and happy to pose in return for cake.

 This is Dan Svarc, a fantastic musician and I'm proud to say one of my oldest and best friends. He's also often known as his alter ego Svan Darc, go check out his stuff, it's fantastic, he's currently looking for artists, musicians, crafters and data-benders to work on him with remixes in all media of his latest ep Purge.

I'm particularly fond of this picture, after playing around I managed to shade by using the watercolour  tool and rubbing out the dodgy wiggly outlines, then sculpting the edges of the lines with white watercolour.

 This is my bear, you've heard alot about him already but art wise he's hard to draw, I tend to cut him off at the chin as drawing or painting his beard that goes down his neck makes his jaw look way longer than in real life, it ends up very cartoon Viking. His nose is fantastic to draw though, definitely my favourite facial feature to draw, noses are so angular and so individual to a persons face, for me if I've got the nose right, I'm happy.

If you can't tell by now I don't like drawing two eyes open, I can never get them looking the same way unless i'm drawing myself in the mirror and that limits you terribly, so this is one of my rarer angles unless it's illustration stuff, which I tend to do with long fringes and put all the character in the bottom half of the face. This is also a lot freer than I am used to drawing, this was at the end of a long night up chatting and it seems to be when I draw best.

What have you lot been drawing and making?

Hugs & doodles

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