Tuesday, 3 February 2015


This year we had a very small Imbolc ritual just for Bear and me, the snow was absolutely beautiful (and meant we didn't need to use the snow we saved in the freezer at yule for this ritual.)

We got frozen soil from the veg patch and gave it 3 golden eggs to symbolise the cycle of birth, life and death over the year, or maiden, mother and crone if you follow the goddess, added the hare of the spring wreath to look after it all while we slept and dug a hole for the candle.

We lit the candle to warm the soil ready for spring and seeing as Imbolc is all about the earth/godess being pregnant (it's thought that the word Imbolc comes from "ewes milk" or "in the belly") we said a wish for a couple we both love very much who are planning a family. 

I also made my parents a Brigids cross but unfortunately I didn't get a photo, it was weaved from the Goji berry tree we're growing in the garden and if you hang it in your attic it's supposed to protect from lightning and fire, which seems oddly specific, which I like.

I also made sure to feed the birds that visit my garden, I'm definitely turning into my Pa. This pigeon is my favourite, I don't know if he goes anywhere else for food at the moment but he shouts at me when I come out the house if it's empty, but flies off when I get close enough to actually fill it up, then sits in the tree shooting at me until I go away.

I love this little line of pigeons that come and roost on our neighbours roof, they look so funny sat in a line like that.


Happy Imbolc everyone, hope you're all enjoying the snow and flowers starting to come through.
Love and cake

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