Friday, 10 January 2014

midnight moon and rust

I thought I'd go hunting yellows and oranges with my new camera, as they show up so bright in the lovely blue grey light we've had today, plus it doesn't hurt that yellow is my very favourite colour.

I'm very much enjoying photography at the moment but I'm trying to sketch more, I was going to attempt a sketch a day for the year but crochet got in the way. Here's last weeks sketch.

We had a christmas party the day after boxing day this year, we usually have one on christmas day but with health and seeing both families this year we thought we'd give ourselves a days recuperation first. I got all my sketching stuff into a sneaky corner so when my fatigue hit I could sit and sketch people but I was too busy catching up, cuddling and being hypnotised by the fire, so my first sketch this year is of the fire, burned out and smelling of smoke and bbq, like most of us the next morning. oh and bear proposed back at the party, pruuuuuu.

Did you all have a merry Yule or Christmas?

Love and hugs

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