Tuesday, 1 April 2014

toadstool bloomers and 10% discount in my fancypants new etsy shop

I've been making bloomers, great voluminous fairytale bloomers, that look like toadstools That look like old-fashioned children's clothes, because I'm always bemoaning that they have the best clothes and us big kids miss out. They look pretty sweet and homely peeking out from under a dress, they look awesome with steampunk and mori stuff too. You can get yourself a pair in my etsy shop.x

It's my birthday in a weeks time so I'm having a sale through april for all my blog readers and likers on Facebook/twitter, so if you fancy getting yourself a pressie from my shop just use the code BIRTHDAYPARTY to get yourself a discount.

As you can tell I'm a little bit in love with them, I don't mind parting with them though as there's plenty more fabric at fabric corner so I shall be popping back there very soon (and if you're in Lincon and crafty you should too, it's in the corner of the indoor market, amazing fabric.)

Purdypuss has been back to stay again and has decided scissors are her new favourite toy and pattern cutting is pussycat playtime, it's incredibly cute but she nearly lost her whiskers the other day.

Hugs and cake

Moogly HOHD

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