Saturday, 19 April 2014

The fantabulous travelling steampunk yarnbomb

Hello lovelies, as some of you may know I am the very proud curator of the Fabulous Travelling Steampunk yarn bomb, a fun project I set up last year for creative steampunks (and those creative types who fancy dabbling in it) from all over the world to make art together.

 I love the steampunk scene, so much going on and amazing making, so many people helping each other with how to make things and passing on great information and interesting things, but I thought a lot of the chances to display artwork at the events, aside from selling or wearing it,  centred around competitions, which isn't always conductive with the idea of community that's at the heart of steampunk, so I thought I'd try and get a few people together to collaborate and make some public art that anyone can get involved with, even if it's your first piece (we even have some schools getting involved), and have it displayed alongside some really fantastic artists and makers.

Photography by Tom Hardman (my bear)

In the last year we've visited three events, we ran a workshop at the Lincoln Hackspace fundraiser.

Photography by Neil Quincey

The yarnbomb travelled to the Steampunk Stamford event (and possibly will be again this year) at STOAT Steampunks on a train

Photo by Spy Mistress General

We went to The Asylum Convivial in Lincoln

photo by felishumanus

So far this year the yarnbomb is planned to visit
and we hope to be at many more as well.

How to get involved

 It would be amazing to send it travelling all over the globe so if you're heading to a steampunk event and will be travelling through Lincolnshire and would be willing to take the yarnbomb with them, please get in contact.

If you or your community group, knitting circle, school or an other group that would like to be involved please do have a go, we have a facebook group and two pinterest boards you can join, one which has pictures of the yarn bomb and one full of inspiration and how to's If you're inspired but not sure what to make, or what steampunk is there's loads of interesting reading on the web to find out more about steampunk/yarnbombing. If you'd like the postal address, to host the yarnbomb at your event or want more information please do email me at or say hello and ask any questions you may have in the comments below.

Love and knitting


  1. Looking forward to seeing it grow and develope into something spectacular! :-)

  2. How wonderful! I love solo crafting but collaborative projects have a certain buzz of excitement to them, don't they?

  3. Thanks lovelies, it is growing pretty big now, taking over the back room. Definitely enjoy collaborating on stuff like this, every piece is so different and I'm really suprised by how colourful it is, with the steampunk themed thought it might end up mainly brown (hence the bright crochet holding it together.) do you fancy making a piece? X

  4. How neat to see so many people's ideas and creations combined to make one unique piece of art!!

  5. I love crocheting and have always thought yarnbombing was such a neat idea - I'd love to try it sometime! Such a great way to turn something everyday into a work of art :) Keep up the great work!

  6. Are there set dimensions to follow? Could I sew on hard things like cogs and beads? I'd love to add to this as I saw it at STOAT but didn't realise that I could contribute.
    Please share this on the Steampunk Share Page on Facebook and we'll spread the word. I'm sure we'll find some willing 'knit-wits and sew-and-sews' (as my Granny used to say) to grow this wonderful project.
    All the best,
    ~The Navigatrix

  7. Fantastic Sally-Ann,please do send a piece, I'll share it on the steampunk share page, any size up to about A4, as long as it lays flat, doesn't have anything breakable/sharp on it, is no heavier than a mug of tea (good way to measure eh?) and had some kind of steampunk theme, go wild, make whatever you like, we've had plastic gauges and solid leatherwork sent in and there was talk of someone carving a very thin piece of wood. You can also make 3d things to dangle from it, as long as there's some way to hang and holes around the edge to sew into, you're good. Make as many pieces as you like as well, made a few myself as couldn't choose between ideas. Can't wait to se what you make, I do love your stuff. I sew it together but it's a communal project so any ideas you have for it or places to send it just pop em up on the Facebook group or here. See you at the asylum (briefly met you and your brother before when your stall was trying to fly away and I stood on the bar while you packed up, my fella still uses the pled, thanks for that lovely)xxx

  8. Ah, I remember! Do pop by again (hopefully without having to avert a stall take-off!)
    I will create something post-Asylum as I'm busy doing last-minute stock...

    It will have an Aether Nomad theme, so two community projects will come together! Do visit The Aether Nomads Project on Facebook to discover more.

    I'm having ideas already :)


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